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I Dodici Gatti

At I Dodici Gatti, pizza fans indulge in an assortment of traditional and creative wood-fired Neapolitan style pies - red, white and specialty pizzas - crafted from the finest local ingredients, including homemade mozzarella.

Our Story

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Once upon a time there was an old woman who lived in one of the attics of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The old woman was known, because through the dormers she fed the pigeons and her pair of black cats who roamed free on the rooftops. The day when the old woman, too lonely and too old to continue to live up there, left the attic, her cats remained. Too wild and too wary to be captured, contemptuous of danger and curious enough to venture more than once through the warehouses and shops of the Galleria, the cats thrived. The cats of the old woman have multiplied and today, on the rooftops of the Galleria, live a colony of twelve cats, all black.  With great enthusiasm we, along with the City Council of Milan and the association of animal protection, have made a commitment to contribute to their care, leaving them the space and the tranquility they need, because a roof without cats is anonymous. 

By eating here you are contributing to their care and especially their freedom.


Thank you,

The Team at I Dodici Gatti

To make a reservation call
02 3659 4689
or email



Hours & Location


Lunch - 12:00 to 14:30
  Dinner: 19:00 to 22:30

SUNDAY: Lunch only

How To Find Us

  Entrance is on the corner with Piazza della Scala (same entrance of Leonardo Museum). Follow the corridor and take the elevator to the 6th floor

Public Transportation: Duomo M1 Red Line / M3 Yellow line. 30 mts walking distance

By Car/Parking: Piazza Meda 2/A, 20121 Milano. 5 mts walking distance

Contact Us

Phone: 02 3659 4689
WhatsApp: +39 346 845 1420





Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 11, 20121


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